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    1. Welcome to Shenzhen Hong Jia Wei Technology Co., Ltd. official website!
      Hot key:Servo tracking  CAD trajectory control  visual motion control  multi axis manipulator  data remote control  automation program  
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      Shenzhen Hong Jia Wei Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 in Shenzhen, is dedicated to the field of industrial automation, automation product sales, provide automation solutions, industrial automation products research and development, equipment maintenance in the integrated automation technology company. The company has been committed to the inverter, PLC, HMI, server, machine controller, machine vision system integration scheme of industrial automation product system design and application development services, system equipment, high-end visual multi axis motion control research. Jia Hong has always maintained the development direction and innovative application of the international leading industrial electrical automation control system, and has established a cooperative agent relationship with many well-known brands at home and abroad. Jia Hong Wei adhere to the talent as the core innovation integration system management service concept, to provide a good platform for the customer and the company‘s internal management. The company has more experience, strong technical force, high-quality professional and technical services team, over the years of service in the plastic machinery, electronic equipment, textile machinery, medical equipment, visual inspection equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, coating equipment, CNC equipment, water treatment equipment, multi joint robot, non-standard equipment industry provides a large number of professional automation solutions, from product selection, project design, cabinet assembly, program development, intelligent automation equipment, maintenance service provides one-stop service, to provide high quality products and technical support to customers.
      Jia Hong Wei automation program service hotline: 0755-28916839, 13640994287 Shaw
      Shenzhen Hong Jia Wei Technology Co., Ltd.
      Shenzhen Hong Jia Wei Technology Co., Ltd.
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